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Our Mission

myParishConnect mission is to empower every parish to achieve their purpose. To stay connected with members, manage activities, and to share important information about thier faith.

Stay Connected with members, Manage Activities and Engage your entire parish.

Better Communication within your entire parish.

With our first in class, easy to use admin panel, you can reach your parish members in seconds. You can post announcements, upcoming events and share the good work your parish.

Manage activities in one place

In today's fast pace world, it is important to reduce the clutter and focus on what is really important, your faith. This is why our app makes it easy for you and other members to communicate instantly, create discussion groups, get notified about prayer requests and more.

Manage dues, attract new members & grow your parish

We believe that you should have the necessary tools to support your growing parish. This is why we continue to implement the best in technology and people to help you grow without the stress. Our dues payment feature will make collecting dues easy and effective.

Additional Features

Unlimited Members & Groups

As you grow, rest assured that there are no restrictions on the number of members you can add. Feel free to create unlimited members & groups within your parish.

Discussion Forums

Utilize myParishConnect to engage your members on important discussion topics. Create one or multiple discussion forums to keep the conversations going.

Event Management

With our event management app, you can post upcoming events and manage volunteers events. Your attendance to these activities will increase by simply sending out automated reminders to your members. You also have the ability to track responses with our two-way communication so you can better plan events.

Text & Email Notifications

Text messages and email notifications are the best way to communicate with people today. Send out texts or emails to your members at anytime and at a click of a button.

Our automated notes gives you the option to create messages that can be sent out to your members at any time. Simply set it and the system will do the rest.

Prayer Requests

Prayer requests are very important. Feel at ease knowing that a request will get noticed. All prayer requests can be categorized and managed by groups you create. Furthermore, our notification and live alerts will notify members of a new incoming prayer request, alert the member if a reponse has been made and more.

File Sharing

Are you still sending documents via email? Are those documents getting lost or unopened? With myParishConnect, you can upload & share any document to all members or to a particular group.

Additional notifications can be sent to notify members of a newly added document. With all documents in one place and easily searchable, members will never have to worry about lost emails.

Dues Payment

Are you facing difficulties collecting dues on time? Our upcoming dues payment feature will be available soon. With this feature, each member will be able to know when their dues payment is coming up, get reminders & notifications to make payment. You will not have to worry about contacting every member or documents getting lost or unopened in emails.

Messaging & Instant Chat

Do you like WhatsApp, Groupme or Facebook messenger? The myParishConnect messaging and chat feature allows you to send instant messages to your entire congregation, group or a particular member.




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